Klassie Alcine

Director of Community Engagement

Why Goodwill? I’m reminded of why I work for Goodwill every time I meet a potential partner. Everyone identifies Goodwill with our thrift stores, but there’s so much most people don’t know about the nonprofit agency. Once I start talking about our Mission Services programs and telling the stories of our wonderful clients who have earned employment, I see that light of happiness in their eyes that comes from understanding the impact Goodwill has had in the community since 1894. Every person I come in contact with becomes a “lifesaver” because they can tell others in the community about the GoodWORKS that Goodwill does.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? When I was growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer.

What do you want to be now that you are grown up? Now that I’m grown up, I would like to be a U.S. Senator 

What does it mean to you to be employed? To be employed is to spend my working hours doing something that I love so much that the pay is a bonus. Being employed allows me to be healthier, wiser, freer, and more autonomous as a community steward. It allows me to live my passion impacting the lives of others in a positive way. 

Anything else about you we should know?  I enjoy watching C-SPAN and listening to NPR in the morning. My favorite hobbies are contemplative mediation and karaoke.

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Driving Toward Dreams

Driving Toward Dreams

Reading, writing and driving are key to getting most jobs See how Goodwill empowers workers.

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