Fundraising Communications Toolkit

Thank YOU for being our ambassador! 

Our anthem video is a great place to start. View it on YouTube and read the story behind Good goes further. 

Here are other resources.

  1. Elevator Speech
  2. Goodwill Financial Information 
  3. Key Selling Points 
  4. What are Goodwill's programs? 
  5. What makes Goodwill unique? 
  6. Why give to Goodwill? 

Here are few stories our mission in action. 

Be sure to visit our mission moments page for even stories of success! 

Here are items specific to Goodwill Haunting, our annual Halloween gala.

More information at: 

  1. Goodwill Haunting Sponsorship Information 
  2. Goodwill Haunting Silent Auction Letter
  3. Goodwill Haunting Silent Auction Form 

Information specific to Power of Work, our April awards luncheon, will be added soon.

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Trae'shell's Story

Trae'shell's Story

Read Stories of Our Mission in Action
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