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Josh overcame barriers to earning employment

After overcoming challenges to graduate from high school, Josh was eager to enter the workforce. Understanding that he needed additional support to secure a job, he and his family turned to Goodwill. Together with his Goodwill Career Navigator he searched for job openings, completed applications, and prepared him for success. “We did mock interviews, practiced communication and learned job skills,” Josh said. “It helped a lot, and I feel glad that she helped me." Josh’s dream job was to work at Freddy’s Restaurant in St. Joseph, MO, where he interviewed. After the interview, Josh asked Manager Alex Richardson, “Do you think I’ll ever get a job here?” and Alex replied, “Well you just did, buddy!”

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Turn something old into a brand new job

Turn something old into a brand new job

Keshaun went from Goodwill’s Quest Academy to shop manager at his place of work.

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