Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals: 

ARTEMIS INITIATIVE:  Consultation for Design and Development of Accredited Career Center for Adults

Under the umbrella of the Artemis Initiative, Goodwill is creating an adult career training center to provide hard and soft skills training for jobs in emerging technologies. On July 1st, Goodwill published a Request for Proposal seeking consultation on the development of this training center. Respondents will support Goodwill in earning accreditation with Missouri, designing curriculum, building course plans, integrating real-world learning and employer input, and providing whole-person services. The RFP closes on July 29th.  Learn more here

Goodwill Artemis Accredited Career Center for Adults RFP Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the budget for the project?
There is no formal budget. We are looking for proposals to lay out what they believe is needed to complete the deliverables. The final negotiation of deliverables and budget will occur post-award.
2. Some of the deliverables appear that they may take longer than the allotted timeframe, such as the credential training program. How flexible is Goodwill on the end date?
We are open to feedback based on expert opinion as to the appropriate timeframe to accomplish the deliverables. Our goal is to have as much as possible completed within the three-month timeframe, though, since we want to have a pilot class started by the beginning of 2021. Priorities within the three months are related to program focus and structure – receive consultation on IRCs, receive consultation on work-based learning structure, receive consultation on whole-person services, receive consultation on comprehensive coaching, receive consultation on remedial services, and receive consultation on a net neutral fiscal model.
3. The required project deliverables appear to include consultation, design, and development. Specifically, (1a) curriculum development and all aspects of coursework toward industry credentials, (3) Secure additional funding…, and (4) Coordinating collaboration with local community college or university. Can you please clarify if you intend supplier to develop curriculum or provide consultation on resources and programs available that lead to IRC’s relevant to the population you are targeting? Secure funding: are you looking, for instance, for a detailed description of how to ensure that programs are WIOA and Pell-eligible and recommendations for start-up funding as opposed to actual fundraising? and coordination with community colleges would be around best practices and approaches for collaborating in order to expand access to programs and resources for students?
We are looking to have at least 1 credential program created in this process. It is up to the supplier if they believe it is best for them to develop a curriculum or suggest other resources, as long as the supplier provides consultation during the engagement of these other resources. Securing funding means to ensure we have been added to the MO WIOA Training Provider list so we can accept funding. We are seeking consultation on a revenue model that leads to a net neutral program. No other fundraising is necessary. Coordination with Community colleges would be to ensure credential classes could be accepted as credits towards an associate's degree. We are also interested in filling in gaps in training, as opposed to competing with existing courses offered by Community Colleges.
4. Under desired deliverables, the RFP notes “research development.” Can you elaborate on what you mean by research development?
Research development pertains to the research of competitors and demand in our geography
5. You ask for a description of the project development approach, including several elements of the program structure. Are you looking for a general description of the approach (how and when we will consult on these components) or specific information on the elements?
We are looking for how you would consult in those areas and how your experience aligns with providing quality consultation in these areas.
6. (v) – (ix) refer to the applicant’s “activities.” This suggests the applicant is providing direct services (e.g., credential training, reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, and English language
acquisition instruction). Can you clarify if you expect applicants to provide these activities directly?
We do not expect the applicant to provide them directly but understand how these activities need to be incorporated and show prior experience in these areas. We are seeking a description of consultation activities and strategies that consider and incorporate these various aspects into the design of our training center.




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