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Goodwill empowers people to discover their potential and adapt for the future through the power of work.  

Good is a renewable resource. It takes on many forms, and often comes from unexpected places. Even one small act of good can make a big difference. For instance: an unassuming bag of stuff has the power to change lives. Employment is more than a paycheck - it's a resounding victory: for the individual, for their family, for their community. When jobs thrive, communities thrive. It's real sustainable change that all starts with one person and their bag of stuff. When you do a little good, you might be surprised at how far it goes. Good goes further.™ Learn more

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Mission Moments

Meet Melody. Melody visited the free Goodwill GoodWORKS Career Center in August. She was in a transitional living program after incarceration. With help from Goodwill, she quickly found employment with a retail inventory company, but the job didn’t fully meet her needs. So, she contin…

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Melody's Story

Meet Sean. When Sean graduated in 2013 with a degree in Speech Communications, he didn’t anticipate how difficult it would be to find a job. Over time, he became increasingly shy. Sean lived with his mom and without his job, their living situation deteriorated. They washed clothes by h…

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Sean's Story

Meet Dwaylan. Dwaylan enrolled in  Goodwill Quest Academy eager to grow and learn. Quest Academy participants split their time between the classroom and a local internship to gain job skills and work experience. Dwaylan chose an IT internship and impressed his supervisors with his willi…...

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Dwaylan's Story

Meet Josh. After overcoming challenges to graduate from high school, Josh was eager to enter the workforce. Understanding that he needed additional support to secure a job, he and his family turned to Goodwill.Together with his Goodwill Career Navigator he searched for job openings, complete…...

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Josh's Story

Meet Michael. Michael visited Goodwill on his day off from work to share some big news.  Looking at the smile on his face, you would never guess how many obstacles, barriers, headaches, and heartaches he's endured. Before coming to Goodwill, Michael spent six hours each workday commuti…

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Michael's Story

The Holidays are much brighter for Clarence Brown after he got just the gift he wanted …a full-time job. “Last year I wasn’t able to get Christmas gifts for my kids like I wanted to, but now that I’m working, I’m able to get them a little something so it…...

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Clarence's Story

Meet Brenden. He is hardworking and strives to grow in his position every day. Brenden graduated from Goodwill’s Quest Academy, a six-week career exploration program for young adults. Students learn workplace skills and explore career possibilities through classroom training and intern…...

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Brenden's Story

Meet Brett. Brett moved to his mom’s home in the summer of 2015. He was selling his plasma weekly to pay for their utility bills. Brett desperately needed a job, but a disability impaired his ability to read and write, and consequently pass a written driver’s test. Without a driv…...

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Brett's Story

Meet Darrell. In early 2014 Darrell received placement help and job coaching from Goodwill for a dishwasher position at a Bob Evans restaurant. But our services didn’t stop there. In May 2015, Bob Evans restaurant closed and Darrell was suddenly unemployed. He put in a few applications…...

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Darrell's Story

Meet Kevin. Kevin's story shows the power of perseverance when it’s paired with Goodwill. A learning disability was just one barrier that made it difficult for Kevin to find work. His case worker with Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation referred him to Goodwill for hands-on he…...

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Kevin's Story

To say Preston doesn’t like change would be a major understatement.  When he first enrolled in Project SEARCH, he refused to come into the classroom and meet Goodwill’s Skills Trainer and the teacher from the North Kansas City school district. Project SEARCH is a partnershi…

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Preston's Story

Meet Paul. Paul was ready for his second chance. He had great work experience as a store manager, but Paul also had barriers to employment. He has a health condition and a criminal record. His family situation deteriorated along with his health, and, after serving time in jail, he lost his f…...

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Paul's Story

“The Goodwill Quest Academy program was life changing for our son. This program also changed our family. Having hope to find some kind of employment for him, we learned from Goodwill it could be a reality.” – Louise Starr Meet Tim. Tim and his family were told to be ha…

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Tim's Story

Meet Emily. Emily was a recent high school graduate who spent her days sleeping late at her grandmother’s house. After receiving a referral from Vocational Rehabilitation, Emily completed Goodwill’s Career Impact Program and earned a job at Hy-Vee. Goodwill staff worked closely …...

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Emily's Story

Meet Keshaun. Keshaun participated in Goodwill’s Quest Academy (formerly Urban Career Academy) for career exploration after leaving high school.  Through this program, he gained work experience at Showtime Auto Detailing. At the completion of the program, he was immediately offer…...

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Keshaun's Story

Meet Shandi. Ten years ago, Shandi was a Goodwill success story. A client with great work ethic, she had earned and kept employment in her former placement. But when Shandi came back to Goodwill last year, she was not working. The loss of employment put her family in turmoil. She knew t…...

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Shandi's Story

Meet Stephen. Stephen is someone who perseveres through it all, no matter how long it takes. He is motivated to care for his family, especially for his son. He has endured many layoffs, including a position he held for 18 years, but that didn’t stop him. Stephen found a new job workin…...

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Stephen's Story

Meet Monica. There are so many great things we could say about Monica, but one thing that stands out is how much she has grown! Let's start at the beginning. Monica was referred to Goodwill's Extended Employment Program towards the end of her high school career. In May 2017, she earned a p…...

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Monica's Story

Meet Trae’shell. Trae’shell participates in Project SEARCH, a partnership between Goodwill, North Kansas City School District, Children’s Mercy, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Center for Human Services and Truman Medical Center.  Project SEARC…...

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Trae'shell's Story

  Meet Kim. Kim chose Goodwill because the agency worked with her grandfather in the 1960’s. A Goodwill Career Navigator worked with Kim, often serving as a cheerleader and coach to help her realize her potential. The support she was given helped Kim keep from giving up. She said…

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Kim's Story

Remember Adney? We have an exciting update for you. When Adney first came to the GoodWORKS Career Center, he had been out of the workforce for over 15 years. He worked with GoodWORKS Program Manager, Karen Altenhofen, to update his resume and figure out the best job for his skills and needs…

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Adney's Story: The Next Chapter

Meet Robert. Robert came to us at the Goodwill GoodWORKS Career Center with his parole officer at his side. With less than 10 years left before reaching what he called his “retirement birthday,” Robert had anything but a typical work life.  Our GoodWORKS team assessed Rober…...

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Robert's Story

Meet Ronnishia. A hardworking young mother of two, Ronnishia wanted something more — she wanted to provide a better life for her children and become a role model for them.  When Ronnishia heard about Goodwill’s Quest Academy, she knew this could be a turning point for her an…

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Ronnishia's Story

Meet Megan.  When Megan was young, she helped her grandma bake cookies and brownies. She dreamed of a job where she could bake all day. Through Project SEARCH, a partnership between Goodwill, North Kansas City School District, Children’s Mercy, Missouri Vocational R…...

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Megan's Story

Meet Derek. Derek had no money to renew his driver’s license, repair his car, or buy a phone when he came to Goodwill's GoodWORKS Career Center. For months, Derek poured his energy and time into finding employment. At GoodWORKS, he developed his…

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Derek's Story
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