Goodwill developed a three-year strategic plan focusing on five key strategies aimed at better fulfilling the agency’s mission. Each strategy has measurable tactics and timelines tracked and monitored by Goodwill’s leadership team and board of directors. Goodwill is measuring the success of the plan, making adjustments, and adapting tactics as needed. 

The five key strategies are:

1.       Attract and develop organizational talent through employee engagement. This strategy consists of improving internal and external communications through training and leadership. We are clarifying and publicizing our mission, vision, and values in the community. We are building a culture of collaboration, innovation, and service.

 2.       Revolutionize the mission services model. Program and partnership development are integral to this strategy. Through our partnerships, we will be part of a continuum of care that empowers our clients to contribute as working members of our community. We are identifying service gaps related to employment in the community to expand our program components. 

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Strategic Plan & New Initiatives

 3.       Improve Goodwill’s reputation in the community. We are making Goodwill’s commitment to the community visible through all points of community contact. Goodwill will be the largest local nonprofit thrift store operating in Kansas City. We will be the organization of choice for clients, employees, and volunteers.

 4.       Improve organizational practices. We maximize the value of every donation by practicing sustainability and building efficiencies agency-wide. We are improving reporting in all areas of the agency to better leverage opportunities and minimize waste.

 5.       Strengthen the agency’s foundation for long-term growth & sustainability. We are implementing a succession plan for all mission critical positions and internal systems. Goodwill is diversifying its social enterprise businesses to build the financial strength needed to support program growth. We are investing time into long-term community partnerships to complement our program offerings.

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Preston's Story

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