Accessibility Report

Our strategy is to make our site as readable and accessible as possible, not just for our physically impaired users but for anyone accessing the site on a smart phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer using any kind of web browser in any country in the world.


All copy sits on a bright white background in a dark grey sans-serif typeface, for maximum readability. Headings are in a darker grey and are used to break up large amounts of text. Hyperlinks are in light blue so as to stand out from the regular copy and all link styles are programmed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for uniformity.

Images and Graphics

We try to ensure all images and graphics include a text alternative to help the viewer read the image when only viewing web pages as text. Describing the images using alternative text makes the content easier to read with any web page reader software.

Visual Design

We use CSS for design and layout on our site. We use relative font sizes which are compatible with text sizes specified by the user in their browser or through the operating system or web browser accessibility features. If cascading style sheets (CSS) are not supported in your web browser or in your digital device the content of our site will still be readable.

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Sean's Story

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