Campbell Building Sale

Here are documents to reference regarding the sale of the Campbell Building. 

Click here for the full Purchase & Sale Agreement. 

Click here for the Purchase & Sale Agreement - Cliffs Notes Summary.

  1. The Campbell Era is Over
  2. Campbell One Sheet
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Last updated 7:40 pm Friday, July 14. 
  4. Next Steps Based on an Affirmative Vote 
  5. Comparative Operating Expenses
  6. Campbell Appraisal 2017.05.23
  7. 2014 Campbell Engineering Report
  8. Lewis Rice, Real Estate Legal 
  9. Hartsook Feasibility Study Proposal
  10. JB+A Feasibility Study Proposal & JB+A Qualifications 
  11. Columbia Capital 
  12. Aron Real Estate (Brokers)
  13. Design Firm Profiles
  14. Timeline of a Deal 
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Elizabeth's Story

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