Shandi's Story

Meet Shandi. Ten years ago, Shandi was a Goodwill success story. A client with great work ethic, she had earned and kept employment in her former placement. But when Shandi came back to Goodwill last year, she was not working. The loss of employment put her family in turmoil. She knew the first step to stabilizing her family was to find a new job.

Shandi searched for work with our Goodwill GoodWORKS team. She took advantage of services helping her to prepare for her search, including to identify and apply for available jobs. After applying numerous places, Shandi received a call from Cintas requesting a phone interview for work placing clean uniforms on hangers. Shandi worked with her Goodwill employment specialist, and diligently prepared for her phone interview through role play and assisted company research. She aced the phone interview - and three more follow-up interviews!

After a few weeks on the job, Shandi realized she could use help strategizing a plan to meet her production goals. Shandi knew her job contributed to her family’s now healthy home life. She reached out to her Goodwill employment specialist, who arranged for on-the-job coaching and support with a Goodwill job coach. Together, Shandi and her job coach devised a plan to build her performance and meet her goals. And it worked! Shandi has retained her job for the last five months. Now she has renewed respect for herself, and her kids respect her, too.

Shandi was our Goodwill 2016 Power of Work Awards Family Honoree.

 We’re proud of you, Shandi!

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Jayla's Story

Jayla's Story

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