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Local nonprofit helps KC veterans find meaningful employment.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Many military veterans struggle with the adjustment to civilian life. But a local nonprofit has found a great way to match local veterans with meaningful employment.

Browsing the aisles at Goodwill is one of Adney Stean's favorite things. As a 71-year-old retired Navy veteran, Stean never imagined he'd be shopping around for a new career. But he needed some extra income, and he wasn't sure where to begin.

Stean's lack of computer know-how wasn't a problem at the "Goodworks" employment program at Goodwill.

"The Goodwork center takes people who are sitting on the sidelines and brings them back into the game," said Lauren Solidum, vice president of mission advancement for Goodwill.

Goodworks helped Stean clear the computer hurdle. He quickly had a new resume, and the job search was on.

Like all veterans in many age brackets, Stean had a wide range of skills. Within a couple weeks, Stean had a new job in the security field.

"Teamwork, conflict resolution, project management -- all of those skills that he's learned throughout his military career are completely applicable to the workforce today," Solidum said.

Stean has sailed the high seas, but in recent months, he had his low moments. But now Stean wants all of his fellow veterans to know: The battle on the homefront is winnable.

There are six Goodworks employment centers at Goodwill locations all across the region. To find the one closest to you, just ask your nearest Goodwill or check Goodwill's website.

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