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Social Media and Jobs: The Posts Hiring Managers Don't Want to See

In today's day and age, having an active social media presence can help someone snag a job, but it can also cause a hiring manager to pass on a candidate.

According to Jobvite, 93 percent of hiring managers will review a candidate's social profile before making a hiring decision.

Northwest Health Services HR Manager Stacey Lawrence said they look at social media when deciding between the final candidates.

"They're not necessarily looking for something negative. They are just making sure you are who you say you are," Lawrence said. 

According to Career Builder, more than half of employers who check candidates' social media have found something that kept them from hiring someone.

"Posting inappropriate pictures or comments that can be seen by the general public and a hiring manager can really cost you a job," GoodWORKS Career Center Manager Nshawn Erganian said.

Lawrence said red flags include negative posts about people or specific types of people, provocative pictures, or posts with spelling and grammar errors.

Some students think about the image their posts portray.

"I've always been about protecting my brand and any brand I am a part of," MWSU student Montra Qualls said.

However, he said it seems not everyone he is friends with on social media is as careful as he is.

"If you are going forward in life, you can't just think about the now," Qualls said. "You can't just say what you want to say right now."

Lawrence suggests Googling yourself to see what is already online, delete any posts that do not coincide with the image you would like to portray and put your social media accounts on private before applying for jobs.

However, she warns not everything that deleted is actually gone, so the best word of advice is to always think twice before posting.

Full article: http://www.stjoechannel.com/story/35374242/social-media-and-jobs-the-posts-hiring-managers-dont-want-to-see

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